Body Experiences              

De-stress Back Neck and Shoulder - 25 mins


An incredible treatment that will melt away your tensions and restore balance. Your therapist will select essential oils to suit your mood and dissolve the stresses you’ve been facing, leaving you relaxed and refreshed for whatever comes next. 

ELEMIS Intensely Cleansing Salt Scrub - 45 Mins


Boost your body with an invigorating body scrub treatment with fragranced Lime and Ginger or Frangipani salt scrub which will gently slough away dead skin cells, encouraging the regeneration of new cells. It leaves a smooth and responsive canvas, ready to absorb the deeply nourishing body oil.  

Deep Muscle Release - 55 mins


This deeply restorative treatment involves Swedish and cross-muscle fibre massage techniques to soothe an aching tired body. Your therapist will select essential oils for the maximum impact – such as black pepper, rosemary and ginger to disperse built-up lactic acid or lavender to act as a natural anti-inflammatory.  

ELEMIS Thousand Flower Detox Wrap - 55 mins


This nutrient-rich detox wrap uses the deeply nourishing Green Tea Balm to encourage super skin health and powerful detoxification. It helps stimulate the elimination process and restore equilibrium to leave you feeling completely reinvigorated. Includes a mini scalp massage. 

Lava Shell Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate Massages - 55 mins


This unique thermal therapy uses self-heating shells that glide over your skin creating a sense of warmth and calm as your muscles unwind and you drift away. During the massage, the shells are worked over the body with the focus of the massage surrounding pressure points. Specific massage techniques on the back and shoulders ease away muscle tension; creating a sense of release and relaxation.

The Rasul Experience

A modern twist on this ancient Arabian thermal treatment, the ANA Spa have created a unique Rasul signature thermal experience. The Mud Rasul Suite is perfect to enjoy as a couple or as a fun treatment with a group of friends [up to 4 people].  Start your therapy with exfoliating the skin all over your body with salts from the Dead Sea.  Then apply the soft detoxifying Moroccan Mud in the anti-Room – this is the fun part!.  Once enveloped in mud, enter the Rasul, sit back and relax whilst the warm dry heat and steam allow the clay to draw out impurities to reveal new and glowing skin from head to toe. As the treatment comes to an end the steam will disappear to be replaced by a soothing, warm rain shower… don’t be surprised if you relax into the experience and lose all track of time.  The treatment lasts for 30 minutes and is one of the most appealing spa treatments you can have.

Two Person Rasul Experience - 35mins    

Group Rasul Experience for 4 people - 40 mins